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Annie and Allen

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Welcome to Our Happily Ever After

It was a chilly January night, one day after the new year 2020. Annie, excited for the first date, walked into Shanghai Taste and saw Allen sitting in the waiting area with a big smile on his face. Even though the two had just met on Hinge a few days prior, being together in person for the first time felt like home.

The sense of familiarity continued to unfold that night as Annie and Allen learned more about each other's lives. It was incredible to learn that both had lived just a two-hour drive away from each other in China during their preschool years. Both came to America after preschool. Both have loving grandparents who in addition to their parents had a prominent role in their upbringing. Both speak generally the same dialect among the numerous Chinese dialects in existence. Both came from first-generation immigrant childhoods and both now live the American Dream working in complementary professions -- Annie a speech-language pathologist, and Allen an ear, nose, and throat surgeon. It felt like the universe brought two halves into one whole special life together. Annie and Allen tried to appear cool to each other during that first date, but truthfully, they were head-over-heels for each other.

From that chilly January night through now, Annie and Allen have built a life that is loving, caring, and effortless. Annie and Allen were engaged in beautiful Oahu with their families by their side in March 2021. Annie and Allen love traveling, eating, trying/learning new things together, spending time with their families (including their fur son, Snow), and unconditionally supporting each other to grow individually and together.


We are over the moon excited and grateful to celebrate our love with you all!